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Thanks! Yes that looks pretty easy.

One question, with that scenario the WinCE’s won’t read the wnos.ini? Or do I need to exclude them somehow


@ConfGen wrote:

Hi Mike,

that is an easy one.
The CE device can be configured locally once. Then you can extract/pull the config via WDM and push this out again to any other device. So CE isn’t an issue at all.
With WTOS you cannot use different wnos.ini files when always using the same FTP server. But you can use client or user specific .ini files.
In your case I would recommend using a client specific one.



to your wnos.ini file and create a subfolder with in your wnos folder called “inc”. Now place one .ini file for each client in there containing the client specific settings. Name these files according to clients MAC address, eg 008064123456.ini.
Normaly the .ini parser starts reading the wnos.ini first until it reaches the Include command. Then it reads the mac.ini/user.ini and returns afterwards to the wnos.ini reading the rest. If you like to exit the parsing process after reading the mac/user.ini you can place a “Exit=all” at the end of these files.