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Thank you for the fast response. But it is not what I wanted to hear. 😥

I guess the next question is, Is there a way for me to replace the windows ce with DOS? I have done this with other thin clients but I need them for another project. They are 1ghz and faster machines I need for running windows apps.

This one is to keep my father busy. His wife passed way a while back and since he can’t golf in the winter he wants to help me. So I have him writing programs in COBOL (he programmed in it for over 30 years). But the version of COBOL he uses needs DOS 4 or lower. He does have newer versions of COBOL but as with newer versions of any software, they took out some features he wants.

Through the years we’ve upgraded computers and none of ours has the old dos on them. And I don’t want to tie up any of our other machines. I was hoping to give him the 3235le I have sitting around as a dedicated DOS machine to program with.

Thanks again, and happy holidays!