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>The final option is to provide the app to Wyse and buy a custom image from them- Remove the partitions on the flash and start from scratch<

Actually, there was no need. I used an agent to push the files on reboot.

Thanks a million on the USB tidbit, i.e., synchronous/asynchronous. I am going to contract Eltima to work it out for me and I was tring to describe that behavior.

Although oddly, I have connected there USB to Ethernet software, just recently to an Epson Large Format Printer. The printer has a Status Monitor that when you open the print Dialog, retrieves the Ink Levels (seven in total) from the printer and displays then. So it is getting info FROM the device, in addition to sending [the print data TO the device]. I must admit there solution works quite eloquently, becausse in it’s really just sharing the port and letting you use the drivers on the connecting OS (In my case, a Vista client was connecting to a XP host) Vista has a much imporved printing subsystem (spooler and such) so for files and can easily hit the 4gig spooler max that’s a bit plus.

Anyway, thanks again.