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Hi and firstly, apologies for reviving an old thread but the scenario above is the closest I can find on here to my situation. I have a Wyse S10 and it was on sys version 7.1_207 however I borked it and I have no idea how. I hope you can help, so here goes:

1. Sys version now showing as 7.0.0_34

2. BIOS is v1.14

3. It is in LockDown

4. I have Option 161 configured on my DHCP server and has been like this for years and working. IP is that of the working FTP server where wnos.ini and RCA_wnos and RCA_bios files are held. No username or password required for FTP access.

5. I’ve tried several of the USB imaging tools from the downloads (starting at 1.10) and used the 2x .i2d files mentioned in this thread. The latest one gives a ‘no xml’ error and quits for me.

6. USB boot does work (set in the bios as 1st) but all attempts display a message like “no operating system was found…please remove device…” or similar.

7. Then it retries to boot off PXE. It gets a DHCP IP and so should be reading option 161 but nothing happens. It shows as a TFTP timeout. My 161 is FTP so not sure why TFTP timeout is showing. I can’t ping the S10 DHCP IP from my laptop on the same network so not sure why that is but perhaps I borked the network driver too.

I am hoping somebody can guide me as to how to fix it locally using USB – what version of the imaging tool would work and what firmware version I should be loading to the USB, and anything after that. In my multiple testing I’ve set it to Push and used WTOS as the boot type and loaded the .i2d files. All fail with the OS missing message.

Thank you in advance.