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Great.  I have set up a Direct Connection, and it seems to work.  HOWEVER, the RDP connection AUTO STARTS upon thin reboot.  If no one logs in, it eventually times out.  It also presents a second login box.

1 – i cannot find a way to disable the Auto Login feature of this.  I have set several “auto login” options to ‘off’, but it always auto logs in using the anonymous user.

2- i would prefer the thin sit at the original login box until a user signs in.  our current setup in WTOS 8.x works that way, and it passes the username $UN and password $PW credentials thru when signing in.

Trying to move to WMS has been very frustrating, as not everything from the old school .ini has an option in WMS.  I know in older versions of WMS there used to be a custom GUI section, where you could add custom lines, but i cannot seem to find it in the newer version.

Any help would be appreciated.