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Hi – Not sure on Win 8.6 and Linux 9.x.  Just what Wyse support told me.

Yes I agree old remoteFX and RDP GPU acceleration is clear as mud…

Hmm.  What nvidia GPU installed in your terminal server?

This is with Server 2022 + RTX A2000 12GB.

Playing additional h264 video content within RDP session doesn’t matter for issue we are encountering.

The entire desktop session itself is corrupt as the entire RDP session is encoded by NVENC.

The 5070 9.x doesn’t decode the NVENC h264 encoded RDP session properly.

As mentioned the 5070 on 8.6 decodes properly.  When a 8.6 connects log will output.

08:57:57.111 RDP: Graphics Pipeline is enabled
08:57:58.477 RDP: Rdp H.264-AVC444 enabled.

I can observe within task manager / GPUz any use of desktop / windows will utilize GPU encoding engine.

I can also observe concurrent GPU encoding sessions with:

nvidia-smi.exe –query-gpu=encoder.stats.sessionCount –format=csv,noheader -i 0″

Which by the way was a learning experience in itself as I found out how greedy Nvidia is to limit concurrent encoding sessions to max of 3 on any desktop GPU.

One must go to Quadro / RTX GPU lineup to unlock GPU encoding sessions despite the fact with only 3 sessions active the GPU is barely used…

I tried a open source trick.  Which did patch properly and unlock – yet terminal services didn’t want to work with the patch and still limited to max 3.  So purchased this A2000 12GB which gives unlimited encoding sessions to terminal server.