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Everything with RemoteFX is dead from what I can tell. Old technology Microsoft created to incentivize peeps to use HyperV rather than VMware.

Although dead – the terminology is still referred to in ThinOS 8.6 / WMS policies.  But not in ThinOs 9.x / WMS policies.

Microsoft began to support and utilize the Nvidia Encoder (NVENC) in Server 2019 and subsequently Server 2022.

I am convinced the issue is specific to ThinOS 9.x not working properly with NVENC.  As I’ve been informed.  ThinOS 8.6 is based on Windows where 9.x is based on Linux.  An issue here with ThinOS 9.x Linux based RDP 10 client properly decoding a NVENC h264 encoded video stream.

I can’t even get Wyse to lab it…

Week and half passed after escalation to tier 3 just to be told “cannot recreate issue.”  Upon asking what GPU was used I was told – “none, I don’t have a Nvidia GPU to test with”

FFS – entire ticket is surrounding Nvidia GPU NVENC encoding + ThinOS 9.x decoding.  “Let me test that apple with an orange – I’ll get back to you.”

Frustrated with Wyse…