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We’re on bare bone RDP (we’re still on ThinOS 8.6 and evaluate ThinOS 9.3). We have no shared GPU in the Virtualization environment.

Zoom works relatively well even w/o Citrix supposedly optimized protocol nor extra package for Zoom (ThinOS 9).

What kind of camera are you using ?

I noticed that the upstream from the Wyse to the VM differs a lot across cameras. Logitech c270 upload 18Mb/s while a Microsoft HD-3000 upload more than 30Mb/s

That said, w/o shared GPU, the main bottleneck is not the network but the CPU that have to act as GPU and absorb camera data.

Provide plenty of CPU.

Typically our Windows 10 VMs have 6 CPUs.

We also have Windows Server 2022 hosts w/ ~15 users. They have 16 CPUs. Of course we don’t expect that all 15 users doing videoconferencing at the same time, that would probably overload the servers.