Reply To: Convert Wyse 5070 win10 2016 to ThinOS???

Jim Lathan
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Converting 5070 WES/Thin Linux/Ubuntu devices to ThinOS you will need the following:

  • USB tool 3.5
  • Download the 5070 2205 merlin image
  • Now, here is where you have to pay to play. ThinOS is looking for a BIOS security key, so you have to edit the commmandxml.xml file and search for FFFFFFFF and change it to 00000000.
  • Yes, this worked in the past. What’s new is you have to buy a ThinOS Activation License to use ThinOS.
  • After you flash the device, and it registers into WMS, it will ask for activation, no ThinOS Activation license no access.
  • Also if you have a device without PCoIP, this is how you can now get PCoIP functions.