Reply To: OptiPlex 3000 and EAP-TLS Reauthentication Bug

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This is apparently not hardware specific, this occurs on 3040, 5070, 5470 and OptiPlex 3000 on 9.1.6108 only for re-authentication attempts.  Any previous firmware this is working without issue.  Firmware 9.1.2205 should be out soon, will test and report back.  Dell engineering has a Jira ticket escalated to them for a bug report.  Its as if the EAP services stops itself after the first authentication which you can see in the log file after successful EAP authentication it will enter and informational message:

  • EAP Authentication state ‘completed’
  • EAP Authentication state ‘disconnected’
  • EAP Authentication state ‘inactive’

The ‘inactive’ is what makes me thing the process stopped but they should be able to find the delta in the code for EAP from 9.1.5067 to 9.1.6108 to understand what changed.