Reply To: Convert Wyse 5070 win10 2016 to ThinOS???

Jim Lathan
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I more or less the same question / issue. I have some 5070 with Windows 10 IOT, and I want to change them to ThinOS 9.


I went in the BIOS and performed a fill wipe of the harddisk.


After this I created a merlin boot with the Dell’s USB Image Tool, but for some reason, the Thin Client will not boot from the USB Stick. I have tried several USB Sticks, different USB ports, OS_Merlin_v9.0.4024_5070, OS_Merlin_v8.6_710_WTOS_5070_16GB_EN and WIE10_LTSC_2019_UNIFIED_January2022.


note: I did not change all the FFFFFFFF to 00000000 on all sticks.  But i’m not sure if this solves the issue.

But non of the USB Sticks even boot, but they are seen by the BIOS.


If i use the same USB Sticks in a non wiped disk, i get a different boot menu. What i also can’t explain. I could not find a lot of information about this type of boot menu.


Does anyone have an idea how to fix it?