Reply To: ThinOS 9.1.6 – RDP – USB “redirection”. Connection vs Mapping

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ThinOS 9 – RemoteFX not available. Confirmed by DELL support.

Shame on DELL-Wyse

The weirdest part : Once you have connect an USB drive, the remote drive will *always* be there. USB drive present or not, VM reboot or not, Wyse reboot or not…

This remote drive is in fact a fake drive and the root for all USB drives. If two drives are plugged, you get two sub-directories under the remote drive.

Another bad side effect is Camera support. A Camera is now seen as remote camera and not local / RemoteFX. Mine (logitech C270) performs badly. I noticed that the upstream from the Wyse to the VM is ~50Mb/s, whereas it is ~18 Mb/s with a ThinOS 8 /RemoteFX redirection.

Long life ThinOS 8 !