Reply To: WMS 3.5.2 – Devices name

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I’m not sure if you’re talking about WMS 3.5.2. There is no “More action” yes ?

What I can do, is create an exception to the group policy and name the device there

But,  I’m not going to change one hundred names manually while there is something called DNS, which is designed to do that automatically.;-/

There are probably cases for another naming scheme (although I don’t quite find one) , but the obvious naming scheme (DNS) should be the default.

Worth to note that was the default with ThinOS 8.

It turns out that the $IP thing worked until ThinOS 9.1.3 / WMS 3.3.1.That couple displayed the DNS name for “compliant”(i.e. powered ON) devices. Even though the actual name of the device is the @IP. But apparently that was not intended according to DELL support.

I made an enhancement request to get a $DNS variable.