Reply To: OS change on C90LEW WES Win XP embedded

Jim Lathan
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Dear Jim,

Thanks for the answer. YES, I know about booting other Linux via USB. And I have got  good experience with Tiny Core Linux (TCL) already. Also on the WYSE C90LEW WES Thin Clients. But my intention was to use one of my WYSE C90LEW WES as a Terminal client to connect to “everything” in my LAN. And here I was hooked by the easy to use WYSE V6 software “connection Manager” together with the Ericom Powerterm. But it seems your advice with Remmina is quite the same or perhaps even better. I will try to install it on Tiny Core Linux (TCL). Thanks a lot again for this hint. In parallel I will try to copy connection Manager” together with the Ericom Powerterm from one WYSE SX0 client with V6 to a C90LEW running Tiny Core. We will see…

Thanks Kai