Reply To: ThinOS 9 Citrix Virtual Apps Duplicated Windows

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Here are some further issues my users have documented:

“When I type, it will randomly stop accepting my keystrokes and then pick up about 2-5 characters later. This makes it difficult to enter a password correctly and everything else.  I’ve noticed it occurs most often if I select a spot with
the cursor to begin typing. It also happens when I’m selecting an area to copy and paste, then if I use my CTRL+C to copy after selecting the section, the shortcuts don’t work until I wait for a count of 5.


Next issue, occasionally I’ve been getting duplicate screens in excel or word.  I’ve also had issues when I open another spreadsheet that it won’t let me see behind the spreadsheet that is already open.  I cannot drag the spreadsheet anywhere.
If I minimize, then I can get to the 2nd spreadsheet.


Finally, when I went to drag a Chrome window from my 2nd screen to my 1st, it sort of chopped up the window into pieces.  I tried to take a snip of the issue but now the snip would only show the top right quadrant
of my screen. I can’t click anywhere on the window to get it to reset.  I used the task bar to minimize and then maximize, but the window is still chopped up.  I had to close the window by using the task bar to get it to reset.”

Any seen similar issues?