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Chris S
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I don’t know if its the best way but I can tell you what I’m currently doing. I have WMS 2.o installed on our prod server which won’t let me upgrade so I created a new WMS server 3.5.2 and created all the same groups as the prod server. Then I’m going to use this line in the advanced area of each different group.

CCMEnable=yes CCMServer= GroupPrefix=defa GroupKey= Xxxxxxx!1 AdvancedConfig=yes Override=yes

Just put your new server in the bolded area and the correct group key want the thin clients to migrate too. Make sure you spell and get everything right because in my tests where I didn’t the thin client kept its config but was unreachable by either the old or new WMS server and would have to be touched. To test I just made exceptions to my test thin clients and plopped the line in the advanced area. I ended up making all the lines so I couldn’t mess it up.

Another thing in found in my case is that it reboots everything in that group so I’m going to need my Citrix team to probably fix any Citrix storms that happen do them all hitting citrix at once on reboot. Some of my OUs have 1300 or more thin clients. I did ask Dell if there was a way to stop it but I haven’t heard back yet. If you have any more question just ask.


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