Reply To: Benefits of Using WMS?

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I used to use Dell solely and moved away from them for a while due to some issues with their not-very-transparent-pricing issues at the time but have started to use them again recently. Luckily I haven’t got full in team Dell as it seems to be more of the same, but worse. Dells way or the highway I think, which I don’t understand when Dells way is harder than the highway! Problems are twofold with this, it doesn’t make any sense for SME’s to even look at Wyse or WMS now as they are pushing this as a solution for enterprise/cloud but even then it still doesn’t work so I’m not sure what the angle is here. I can only assume this is just how arrogant Dell are now, “here give us all your money for this second rate garbage”. No thanks, I’d rather just use Raspberry Pi’s as terminals at this point TBH.