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If it were that simple, I would. The problem is, the thin clients are used in two ways. The one I’m responsible for is used for the HMI of a process control system. It can’t me messed around with in any way. Anyone fiddling in the middle of the night (it’s always the night) and screws up the configuration will cause a) very expensive downtime and b) a phone call to me or other colleagues. Also, these control systems are installed all over the world, so it’s not as easy as walking up to it and fixing it. We also use a number of other thin clients that are connected to PC’s that are non-critical. If they screw those up, then tough. They can wait, and it won’t cause and massive problems. Normally, we don’t use any remote configuration for these, and also they are managed by another part of our organisation.

This means that our customer will keep one spare, bought from us or, possibly, buy their own spare. I can’t easily ask the customer to downgrade to 8.6. They won’t want to do this. Also, they might not use the spare for a few years. They will never remember to downgrade it.

So I have a few options – configure v9 and make a large document detailing the many configuration options and put up with the reconnection issue, hoping Dell will fix it, downgrade all the thin clients we supply to 8.6, which isn’t easy as I’m in the UK, and the hardware for our system is built and shipped from Italy or look for a different solution and see if I can convince our Italian office to go along with me.

I’m not sure which option is best, to be honest.