Reply To: Pushing WES7 image to clients results in endless boot loop.

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Just updated to WMS 3.5.2 and was giving this another go, updating WES7 clients to the latest version. Currently they are on 6.1.7601 and Merlin is 3.3.2.

As per previous posts I have set DHCP options and Merlin ignores these and instead seems to just look for WDM server (not WMS) so just fails.

There is now a note when I create the job in WMS that says;

“WDA is required to retain connectivity to WMS. Follow the instructions on support to create a custom image which contains WDA”

I thought this had been added to help people in my situation, alas no. The link in the note doesn’t take me anywhere useful (just points to where there is no immediately obvious relevant document or note and a search yields nothing with any guidance or instructions for custom images).

So I am still no further on with this. Why do I need to create a custom image anyway? I’ve downloaded the files from Dell directly so why don’t they just work, and why can’t anyone tell me how to simply apply an update using the tools provided by Dell? If I wanted to create custom images I wouldn’t have picked Dell products and used the Dell Wyse Management Suite.