Reply To: Attempting to optimize ThinOS 9.1

Jim Lathan
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Sorry for delay in responsing. Never enough time in a day.

We are using Wyse 3040 Thin Clients. My test environment is the only ones using a 9.1 firmware. The version is 9.1.1131, I’ve tried newer versions and ran into different issues.
With v9.1.3, it was going to screensaver and then was unable to log back into an existing session, even after a reboot of the thin client.
With the latest version 9.1.5 it crashes back to login the moment I open Teams. I can log back in but it crashes again when trying to connect to my hardware, audio/webcam.

I did confirm that it is not showing HDX Webcam but rather the actual name of the webcam device.
I’ll have to check my settings for the browser content redirection, not sure if I enabled that.

Just feels like ThinOS is becoming harder to manage and setup as time goes on. Updates haven’t exactly felt like they are making things better, but here’s hoping!