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Hi Jim,

thanks for your reply.

Yes, I can update an roll back on a snapshot.

So I tested several versions to go farther then 1.4.1.

Going to 2.1 finishes the installation process, but after a reboot the db doesnt come up again.

Following your advice I tried to update to 2.0 first again.

But this setup won’t complete with log as follows:


2021-11-18 T13:55:38::Upgrade::2580::MongoDB Service returned: -1
2021-11-18 T13:55:48::Upgrade::2612::In function: SetMongoDBFeatureCompatibleVer
2021-11-18 T13:55:48::Upgrade::2635::mongo.exe -u stratus -p******* –authenticationDatabase admin localhost:27017/admin –eval “db.adminCommand( { setFeatureCompatibilityVersion: ‘3.6’ } )” >C:\Users\mkadmin\AppData\Local\Temp\SetMongoFeaVer.log 2>&1
2021-11-18 T13:55:50::Upgrade::2642::SetMongoFeaVer script execution returned: 0
2021-11-18 T13:55:50::Upgrade::2644::SetMongoFeaVer script execution returned: 1
2021-11-18 T13:55:50::Upgrade::2591::Failed to update schema
2021-11-18 T14:05:53::Upgrade::2525::Mongo 3.6.15 upgrade failed


What could be done?