Reply To: Is anyone actually happy with ThinOS 9.1?

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  • Jacked into The Matrix
  • ★★★★★★
  • Lack of proper RDP camera redirection in ThinOS 9
  • A long story of different audio redirection problem in ThinOS 8
  • The hard-to-swallow obsolescence of recently purchased 5060 who are not eligible to ThinOS 9

drive me to the decision to freeze ThinOS  for now. New purchase will be Windows 10 clients (not IoT, full W10 in which I will be able to install Zoom, Teams, whatever)

I’ll keep an eye on ThinOS 9, but I can’t wait anymore for a proper implementation of RDP audio/video redirection. I understand that RDP is the lowest priority to Dell and hope this will not be an industrial accident for Dell/Wyse