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jqm & anyone else: – Have you heard anything new on this? Your post really saved us and let us get all our 8.6 production clients back up and running! But so far we have heard nothing else from Dell on what the ultimate long term solution is here. Ergo, what I asked Dell:

– Do we just need everyone on wms 3.1x and/or ThinOS 9.x?
– Do we need to flash something? (thought there hasn’t been a new bios for the 3040 for a while, firmware is current on test thin client).
– Do we need to buy all new hardware? (ouch) I hear Dell is coming out with a replacement for the 3040 in another few months.

And most worrying is the mitgation won’t work after Feb.8.

Currently we’re also having trouble getting smart cards to work with our dev wms 3.3.1 server; refuses to allow smartcard login, says “unknown username or password” – yet allows login with regular username and password with no problem.