Reply To: ThinOS 9.x video resolution in Citrix

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ThinOS preview window is small and the image looks fine for its size.

When you connect to the VDI and use jabber, webex, or zoom the camera quality is awful.

Even the camera preview on these apps shows poor camera quality. And when you share your camera with the rest of the people in the meeting it is like you are the only one using webcam from the 90’s

It looks like resolution is only 640×480 and we have installed ThinOS packages for Zoom, webex and Jabber.

Devices that we use are Dell wyse 5470 laptops and camera on them has much larger resolution.

Same devices running ThinOS 8.x with Cisco Jabber plugin, have great camera quality when on Cisco Jabber calls.

Either the software is incapable to use the optimal settings or there is some limitation put intentionally. Either case would be great to have control over the settings and some documentation too.