Reply To: Is anyone actually happy with ThinOS 9.1?

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Just keeping an eye on 9.1. Not thrilling so far

First of all I have a lot (~80) 5010/D10D which are shamelessly not eligible. So I’ll be on 8.6 for a few years. Maybe for good after all.

We’re on barebone RDP and I understand this is not Dell’s top priority. ThinOS 9 RDP has less features than 8.6. In particular does not support USB Camera mapping (like W10 does) nor low level redirection (like ThinOS 8.6 does).

Plus some small  drawbacks :

– Booting takes ages.

– Have to revert to classic GUI. because of that annoying left bar popup.

– There’s still no customized icons

So, sticking to 8.6 for now..

I guess the most read thread is “How to downgrade from 9 to 8”..