Reply To: Is anyone actually happy with ThinOS 9.1?

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Our problems have been odd however we also use horizon and that part seemed to work well for us, logins always work.

We have issues with the following which is stopping us from rolling out to production which is currently on 8.6_807 and all 3040 type

  • Thin client renames the terminal to be all caps, this effects our SCEP cert as the mapping for 802.1x to use the cert is using $TN and it wont use the cert because the host name is caps but the cert on the client is in lowercase. (i am aware there is a setting to make the terminal name caps, this is not on in any group)
  • We cant move 9.1 devices to other groups that arent the default group. we have a few groups, all works fine with 8.6 OS but with 9.1 OS if we move a device to a different group on restart its back in the default group, somehow.
  • when getting a cert from the SCEP server it puts scep_admin in front of the cert for some reason, doesnt happen on 8.6 but on 9.1 the CN will be scep_admin$tn.pfx very odd

otherwise the performance when everything works is actually great for us, its just to get to that point requires a bit of manual work which means upgrading to prod just isnt really an option until more of it can be automated.