New WMS 3.5 feature: Manage Wyse Software Thin Client by using the WMS Thin Client Pro license

Manage Wyse software Thin Client by using the WMS Thin Client pro license

Wyse Converter for PCs is stand-alone software that enables you to provide a thin client-like experience on a Windows personal computer. Wyse Converter for PCs provides a secure, and seamless interface to connect to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) sessions.

Wyse Converter for PCs customizes the existing Windows operating system on the hardware but does not replace the operating system. It only locks down the Windows operating system for a more secure user experience. After the installation of the Wyse Converter for PCs, the device is called Wyse Software Thin Client. You can manage the Wyse Software Thin Client using Wyse Management Suite. No longer are you required to purchase a separate license wor Wyse Converter for PCs.

Available for download:

If you have enrolled for WMS On-Prem configuration, and then you must install WMS 3.5 version and import the Thin Client Pro license to manage Wyse software Thin Client.If the license is already expired, and then you must purchase a Thin Client pro License and manually update WDA on each device.

If you are associated with the On-Prem configuration, then you can update to WMS 3.5 version as well.

Providing the new Wyse software Thin Client license is discontinued from the WMS 3.5 version onwards.

If there is an active Wyse software Thin Client license, then the device accepts the existing license.

When the Wyse software Thin Client license is expired, then the devices are unregistered. You must re-register the devices to WMS by using the Thin Client license.

NOTE: WDA (14.6.x) must be updated on Wyse software Thin Clients before the Wyse software Thin Client gets