New ConfGen version online – 7.7.02

I have just uploaded the latest version of my Configuration Generator, ConfGen. The version number is 7.7.02 and beside some bugfixes (as always) I have updated the ThinOS part to support all parameters up to ThinOS 8.3_108 which will be released very soon.

I will update you when this ThinOS version will be publicly available and tell you all about the new features and settings in this version.

2 thoughts on “New ConfGen version online – 7.7.02

  1. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the latest update.
    I just want to ask about “TrapReboot” feature. According to Wyse this command should work in both Low and High Privilege modes while in ConfGen “TrapReboot” option is only available in Low Privilege mode.
    Could you please advise on that? Did you get different info from Wyse or it is a bug?


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