New All-in-One client presented and version 9 of CCM announced

Dell presented its latest addition to their Thin Client portfolio. It is the second All-in-One with a bigger display and a different audience.

The new Dell Wyse 5050 is a combination of the Dell-Display P2414H with 23.6″ in size and the Wyse 5030 (aka P25). It is the first time that you get a nearly 24″ monitor with an in-build Teradici chipset to easily connect to a VMware Horizon View environment with a great performance. Everyone who has worked with the 5030 in the past, knows about its capabilties as a fast and reliable Zero Client.
The client is equipped with six USB ports, whereof 4 are build at the site of the client to be easily reachable. The display supports Full-HD. The stand is detachable and can be rotated.
The 5050 will become available in the US in December, following in other regions in 2016.

You can manage the client with Wyse Device Manager or Teradici’s own solution. In the last weeks Teradici changed its licensing model of this management software, which is now not longer free of charge.

Along with the new 5050, Dell announced an upcoming update of its cloud-based management soltion Cloud Client Manager. Version 9 brings support for iOS 9, Windows 10 and delegated control.