It’s launch time

Looks like this week is launch time at Dell.
In the last days Dell has released WMS 1.4, ThinOS 8.6_024 and PC Converter 2.1. All can be downloaded from

Here are some details about the new releases:

WMS 1.4

There is a whole bunch of new features and enhancement within this new version. Some of them, like the Import/Export of policies, were long awaited.

Wyse Management Suite components Update
• Updated to Open JDK 11
• Tomcat is upgraded to 9.0.13
• Teradici EMSDK upgraded to 1.0.3
Public cloud storage of ThinOS packages (Pro Feature)
Unified workflow for ThinOS firmware and package (Pro Feature)
Upload package UI from App and Data
Teradici EMSDK upgrade (Pro Feature)
Export or import policy configuration (Pro Feature)
Preserve device exception
Option to publish host files
Multi-monitor support (ThinOS)
Dynamic assignment of application policy to a repository (Pro Feature)
Wyse Management Suite console time-out
Apply on check-in option enabled on standard
Shutdown command
Wyse Easy Set up 2.0
Overlay Optimizer 1.0
Dell Secure Client 1.0

There are a lot more. Check the Release Notes for a full list of new features.

ThinOS 8.6_024

  • Agent and Package Updates:
    • Horizon package updated to version 5.0.53374.
    • FR package updated to version 1.26.53224.
  • Client Updates – Upgrade Horizon Client to 5.0
  • ThinOS upgrades the Horizon client from 4.8 to 5.0
  • Added support for relative mouse feature in PCoIP to improve mouse movement performance.
  • Added support for High Color Accuracy feature to provide better clarity for text and better user experience.
  • Other Feature Update
    • Added support for Teradici Cloud Access.
    • Added support for SmartCard Username Hint Field for View Broker
    • Added support for treat SmartCard as Proximity Card of Imprivata
    • Enhance the reconnect workflow for VMware Horizon View Broker
    • Added support for text color customization in lock window
    • Added support for Application Console Log capturing
    • Added support for DP audio ports changing
    • Added support for frames per second (FPS) displayed in Performance monitor
    • Added support to allow adding a new connection under low privilege
    • Added support for new system variable ($UMAC) for MAC address in uppercase format

Wyse Converter for PC 2.0

Last, but not least the WC4PC. The new release is mainly targeting the installation process and compatibility with underlying Windows installations. Nevertheless, there a few other enhancements.

  • VDI Clients (VMware and Citrix Receiver) are unbundled from Wyse Converter for PCs 2.1
  • Installer limitation is removed for Windows 10 build versions and now Wyse Converter for PCs 2.1 installer will support installation on all Windows 10 operating system flavors
  • Installer limitation for Windows 10 SKU version is removed and now Wyse Converter for PCs2.1 can be installed in all the Windows 10 SKUs (e.g.: LTSC, SAC, LTSB…)
  • Installer limitation is removed for OS languages and now Wyse Converter for PCs 2.1 can be installed on all the languages
  • Wyse Display – Control Panel Applet for Windows 10 Operating Systems is added as a configurable option in Wyse Easy Setup
  • Allow Help option is added as a configurable option in Admin UI of Wyse Easy Setup