Hotfix 1 for WMS 1.2 and updated WDA agent for WES

Dell has announced to release a first hotfix for WMS 1.2 and updated WDA agent for WES today.

• Fixed issues.
 WMS software post 1.2 release cannot schedule app policy for single device when the device is under multi-level child Group
 In case of Viewer Admin login, custom logo fails to load post migration from WMS 1.1 to WMS 1.2
 In case where WMS DB Password contains “?” or “*”, Upgrade from WMS 1.1 to 1.2 fails.
 The Installer blocks the Special Character “|” if it is present in DB Password. If External DB password contains Special Character “|”, then WMS 1.2 HF1 Installer will prompt the Admin to change/update the password before proceed for installation.
• WES Wyse Device Agent
Following updates are done in the WDA
 The configurations pushed from WMS Server should be intact even if WMS Server is not reachable.

I was not able to find it now, however I would recommend to monitor as always.