DHC 1.5 is released today

What is new in Dell Hybrid Client (DHC)?

This release, alongside with including new features, has been focused on expanding the hardware support to include a mobile form factor, with the introduction of the Latitude 3320. It will also continue to support Wyse 5070 and OptiPlex Ultra including the next generation 3090 & 7090 Ultra. Additionally we have upgraded the base operating system, from Ubuntu Linux 18.04 to Ubuntu Linux 20.04.

DHC is a commercial client solution available on OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, OptiPlex 3090 & 7090 Ultra, Latitude 3320 or Wyse 5070 configured with 1- or 3-year subscription including Wyse Management Suite Pro license and ProSupport for Software. A 5-year subscription option will be available from April 29th.

DHC is an ideal commercial client solution for customers interested in an alternative to Microsoft Windows endpoint device with out-of-the box support for browser-based and SaaS applications via local browsers, Windows applications via VDI infrastructure, and local resources.

DHC 1.5 New Features:

  • Expanded Platform Support:
    • Wyse 5070 (8GB RAM/32GB eMMC or higher capacity SSD)
    • OptiPlex 7070 Ultra
    • OptiPlex 3090 & 7090 Ultra (Ready to Ship from 05/25)
    • Latitude 3320 (Ready to Order from 04/13)
  • Policy driven security profiles – for installing 3rd party (signed or unsigned) applications
  • User File encryption via zFS file system
  • Secure boot
  • Single sign on into GCP using ADFS
  • Built-in OpenConnect VPN client supporting PaloAlto GlobalProtect and CiscoAnyconnect
  • Power optimization configuration options
  • Auto-update policy for Dell signed applications – initially available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  • OneDrive personal account configuration – in addition to enterprise OneDrive or Google Cloud storage 
  • Enhanced follow-me experience local browser data, cache, desktop state, favorite bar personalization and specific device settings are preserved at the user level for domain users
  • Enhanced file affiliation – Immediate sync of files across different workspaces and “open with” option to open files
  • Improved user interface
  • Rearranged menu options in WMS
  • Updated VDI Clients – CWA 2101 and VMware Horizon 2012