Dell Wyse ThinOS 2205 – Things to know!


Dell Wyse ThinOS software is designed to run on a broad array of Dell hardware platforms. New releases are created to support new hardware platforms, correct defects, make enhancements, or add new features. These releases are tested and supported on current, actively shipping hardware platforms, and those hardware platforms that are within their first year after their official End of Life date.

Release Summary

Patches or Add-on releases are created to support existing platforms or software releases, correct defects, make enhancements, or add minor features.

Few hardware configurations are not supported for Latitude 3420 with ThinOS. There are also a few limitations for Latitude 3420. For the full list of these configurations and limitations, see Hardware configurations that are not supported for Latitude 3420 and ThinOS Limitations on Latitude 3420 in the ThinOS enhancements section.

NOTE Install the security package Security_Addon_2205_1.0.0.3.pkg for ThinOS 2205 to fix the security vulnerability issue CVE-2021-23358. See Security package for ThinOS 2205.

ThinOS Enhancements

  • Added ThinOS Activation devices licenses in Wyse Management Suite—The licenses must be used in the following two scenarios:
    • Devices that are converted from other operating systems must use the ThinOS activation licenses to enable the VDI function. Without the ThinOS activation license, you cannot log in to any Broker agent on the devices. The ThinOS activation licenses are used automatically when registering to Wyse Management Suite and are assigned to the device permanently.
    • Non-PCoIP ThinOS clients that are upgraded from ThinOS 8.6 can use ThinOS Activation license to enable the PCoIP function. Go to Services > WDA Settings > Enable PCoIP Activation License to enable this option in ThinOS 9.x policy. Restart your device for the function to take effect.

      NOTE Once ThinOS Activation device licenses are consumed, you cannot restore them. The licenses are permanently applied to the ThinOS clients.

      NOTE: If the ThinOS clients are reset to factory default settings, the licenses are not cleared, and the ThinOS clients function as usual.

      NOTE: If you recover the ThinOS clients through ISO images or merlin images, the licenses are cleared. You must register the devices to the same Wyse Management Suite server that you used before to reactivate them. ThinOS clients use the original licenses and do not consume new licenses. For Non-PCoIP ThinOS clients, you must also enable Enable PCoIP Activation License option in ThinOS 9.x policy to reactivate the licenses.
  • Supports Latitude 3420
    NOTE: You must have ThinOS Activation device licenses for Latitude 3420 to enable VDI function.