Dell ThinOS 2208 build 9.3.2102 is available for download

New ThinOS 2208 Features and Updates
Partner Component Updates

Dell ThinOS 2208 contains the following major partner component updates.  Refer to ThinOS release notes for information on minor or maintenance changes.

Citrix Workspace App v2207

(Citrix_Workspace_App_22. Citrix Workspace App documentation

  • Citrix HDX Real-Time Media Engine (RTME) has been updated to version 2.9.500-2802
  • Microsoft Teams Optimization has been expanded to include multi-window chat and meetings
  • Webcam redirection has been expanded to 64-bit applications
  • Keyboard layout Dynamic Sync mode has been enhanced

USB device redirection controls with Citrix Desktop Viewer functionality has been enhanced

VMware Horizon v2206
(VMware_Horizon_2206. VMware Horizon documentation

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) v1.8 (Microsoft_AVD_1.8.1819.pkg)

  • AVD auto-login support using default credentials is now supported to enable kiosk and digital signage use cases
  • AVD auto connect list support is now supported to enable kiosk and digital signage use cases

Teradici PCoIP v22.04 (Teradici_PCoIP_22.04.2.13.pkg)

  • PCoIP display refresh real-time support has been added to improve video performance

Cisco Webex Meetings Optimization v42.8

(Cisco_Webex_Meetings_VDI_42. This is a special Cisco private release based on version 42.6.

  • Virtual background and background blurring are now supported further enhancing user privacy

Cisco Webex VDI (Teams) Optimization v42.6


  • Cisco Webex VDI (Teams) Optimization has been updated to support the “remove someone from a conference call” feature

Zoom v5.10

(Zoom_Citrix_5.10.6.21295.2.pkg) (Zoom_Horizon_5.10.6.21295.2.pkg)

Imprivata OneSign Prove ID Embedded v7.8 and v7.9

(Imprivata_PIE_7.8.000.0008.1161.pkg and Imprivata_PIE_7.9.000.0023.1162.pkg)

Customers should select the client package that matches their OneSign server version

  • Imprivata virtual channel support has been added to Microsoft AVD which now allows for in-session proximity and fingerprint enrollment

ThinOS 2208 Software Updates

  • ThinOS 2208 platform support for the Latitude 3420 has been improved by adding support for the built-in microphone, DA310 dock, and WD19 docking station.
  • Application Package categories have been added to make it easier for client administrators to select the desired package version by category – including a new option to uninstall packages.
  • Mobile ThinOS client upgrade reliability has been improved and now requires an AC power connection.
  • Modern Desktop “Light” Mode has been added to the desktop, now providing two unique Modern Desktop personalization options.
  • SNMP v3 support with a private ThinOS MIB has been added, now allowing management integration to legacy SNMP-based solutions.
  • Audio devices now support both Manual Override and Audio Device Priority
  • ELO touch monitor support certification has been expanded to cover the ET2201L IntelliTouch ZB (Worldwide, E382790) and ET1717L AccuTouch ZB Black Anti-glare (Worldwide, E649473) monitors.
  • Lock Terminal feature enhancements are now available when using Web Authentication
  • Firmware upgrade logic changes have been made to add “any different” or “upgrade only” control options.
  • Hold key audio warnings have been added to inform customers when a key is pressed for an extended period of time.
  • Single Button Connect settings have been added to halt the auto-login process at the login menu and provide uses a means to establish a connection with predefined credentials with a single keystroke or mouse click.
  • Single Connection settings have been added so administrators can restrict client access to a single session.

Supported Platforms:

  • Dell OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client
  • Dell Latitude 3420
  • Dell OptiPlex 5400 All-in-One (Coming Soon late September 2022)
  • Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client
  • Dell Wyse 5070 Thin Client
  • Dell Wyse 5470 Mobile Thin Client
  • Dell Wyse 5470 All-In-One Thin Client