Dell Hybrid Client 1.6.1 Updates Now Available

This package contains the Dell Hybrid Client 1.6.1 conversion image for the Dell Wyse, Latitude, and OptiPlex Systems.

Fixes & Enhancements

– Updated Dell Client Agent version to 1.4.0-4 with Secure DHCP vulnerability fix.
– Updated the Citrix Workspace application version to 2112.
– Updated the VMware Horizon Client version to 2111.
– Updated the Firefox Browser version to 95.0.
– Updated the Chrome Browser version to 96.
– Updated the Zoom Client version to 5.9.1.
– Updated the VMware Zoom plugin to 5.8.4.
– Updated the Citrix Zoom plugin to 5.8.4.
– Updated the Strongswan package to 5.8.2.
– Updated the Nodejs package to 14.18.2.

Dell Hybrid Client