ConfigUI v1.10.207 release for ThinOS 2308

Dell has updated ThinOS 9 client configuration profile for ThinOS 2308 (build 9.4.3087), which will add new options, including:
• Added Enable Notice Window Resizable.
• Added Enable Silence Launch.
• Added Use Only WMS Defined Wireless Configurations.
• Added Kerberos Realm.
• Added input validation for some printer fields.
• Added configurations 3 and 4 in RFIdeas Reader.
• Added Disk Map To under Citrix Session Settings.
• Added Citrix USB File Settings in Citrix Configuration Editor.

Updates to the Admin Policy Tool and Wyse Management Suite policy settings are better summarized below:
● Enable Notice Window Resizable—Added Enable Notice Window Resizable in Login Experience > Login Settings. When you enable this option, the text of the notice file automatically resizes the dialog box to show as much text as possible.
● Silence Launch—Added Silence Launch in Advanced > Session Settings > Global Session Settings > Advanced Settings. The default value is disabled. When enabled, a message about the session or application launch is not displayed after starting the session or application.
● Added input validation for some printer fields—The special characters / or ? cannot be used in the LPD Queue Name field in LPD Printer settings, the Printer Name field in Local Printer settings, and the Printer Name field in SMB Printer settings.
● Configurations 3 and 4 in RFIdeas Reader—Configurations 3 and 4 are added under RFIdeas Reader Settings when Set Card Type is enabled.
● Kerberos Realm—The field is added in Advanced > Privacy & Security > Kerberos. The client uses the UPN suffix as the Kerberos realm if the field is empty.
● Use Only WMS Defined Wireless Configurations—Added Use Only WMS Defined Wireless Configurations in Network Configuration > Wireless Settings. All wireless SSIDs not defined in the Wyse Management Suite policy are removed from the ThinOS client when enabled.
● Disk Map To
– Added Disk Map To setting in Session Settings > Citrix Session Settings.
– You can only enter A to Z capital characters; duplicate characters are omitted. For example, if you enter GGZZEE, only GZE is retained. The number of disks mapped to the session depends on the number of valid letters provided. All disks are mapped to the session with default driver letters if no letter is provided.
● Limitations:
– If the MapDiskTo setting is configured, the mapped disk drive in an ICA session cannot be removed after plugging out the USB disk.
 – Disk Map To setting does not work when the USB disk is not plugged into the client before logging in to the Citrix broker.
● Added Citrix USB File Settings in Citrix Configuration Editor
– You can configure the USB device redirection using the Citrix USB File Settings in Citrix Configuration Editor.
– From ThinOS 2308, only the below setting is supported to fully redirect the Topaz Signature pad into an ICA session:

  1. In the Key field, enter CONNECT.
  2. In the Value field, enter vid=0403 pid=6001 disableselectconfig=1.
    NOTE: The VID PID in the Value field must be replaced by the VID PID of your Topaz Signature pad.
    ○ The parameter disableselectconfig is supported in Citrix Workspace App 2308. With ThinOS 2308 and Citrix
    Workspace App 2307, the parameter disableselectconfig does not work.
    ○ If you have already configured Citrix USB File Settings to fully redirect the device, do not configure USB Redirection in
    Peripheral Management > USB Redirection > vUSB Force Redirect.