CWA 2104 released

Today Dell has released the latest Citrix Workspace Agent 2104 to web.
This CWA fixes sound issues when using Teams.
Hope this makes the Teams performance much better.

Wyse ThinOS 9.1 Ready-to-order

Starting March 23rd Dell will deliver ThinOS 9.1.1131 directly from the factory. All new devices will now have 9.1 pre-installed.
You can still get devices with 8.6 until June 22nd. However, you have to make sure to order them that way. If you do not say anything, you will get 9.1 now.

Along with this factory change, all new clients will get delivered in a single multilingual PCoIP image. There is no special ordering process needed anymore. PCoIP is now included in every new order by default.

DHC 1.5 is released today

What is new in Dell Hybrid Client (DHC)?

This release, alongside with including new features, has been focused on expanding the hardware support to include a mobile form factor, with the introduction of the Latitude 3320. It will also continue to support Wyse 5070 and OptiPlex Ultra including the next generation 3090 & 7090 Ultra. Additionally we have upgraded the base operating system, from Ubuntu Linux 18.04 to Ubuntu Linux 20.04.

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WMS 3.1.1 hotfix released. But, be careful!!

Dell has released the WMS 3.1.1 hotfix which should fix the password issue.

However, it looks like that in most cases the hotfix kills your WMS install. After the install, Tomcat does not start anymore. You would have to copy a backup version of the server.xml afterwards to get it up and running again.

But, even if you get it running, some of you and some others have reported that the initial issue is not resolved.

I will keep you updated if any news gets available. Until then I would highly recommend to NOT install that hotfix.

ThinOS 9.1 Release

It is this time again. A new ThinOS version was released today.

However, this time it is not just the next version. With ThinOS 9.1 we finally have a full ThinOS back with support for all current VDI protocols and environment.
While ThinOS 9.0 was only supporting Citrix environments, ThinOS 9.1 now supports Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and even Amazon Workspace backends.

The new version will be available for all current models, 3040, 5070, 5470 AIO and 5470 Mobile. It will run on ThinOS and ThinOS+PCoIP devices.

Beside the fact that all backends are supported now, there are a couple of more enhancements.

Here is a comprehensive list of new features:

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Technical Problems

I am really sorry but I have some technical problems with this website.

This results in several e-mails that have been sent out to you. I am already working hard on this and hope to get this resolved soon.

UPDATE: Looks like the technical issues are resolved. In the meantime I got more than 40000 unwanted emails and my mailbox nearly exploded.
Again, I am very sorry for this to happen.

DSA-2020-281: Dell Wyse ThinOS 8.6 Security Update for Insecure Default Configuration Vulnerabilities

As more and more articles popping up about the “security issue” I thought it would be good to give you some insights about it.

Prof. Gil David and Elad Luz of CyberMDX reported two vulnerabilities (CVE-2020-29491 und CVE-2020-29492) to Dell some days ago and Dell took immediate action by releasing ThinOS 8.6 MR8 which fixes this vulnerability.

So far so good. However, is this really such a big security issue? Should you hurry and update all clients to be safe again?

This depends on how you are managing your ThinOS clients. If you are still using a standard FTP or HTTP server with anonymous access and read/write permissions then the clear answer is YES. Run boy, run!

But, if you are using any kind of SSL encryption, for example, HTTPS protocol, without write permissions to the WNOS share then you are safe.
The same applies if you are already using Wyse Management Suite (WMS) for managing your Thin Clients.

Conclusion: In my opinion, this is a valid security issue to point on. However, Dell never recommended using plain FTP with anonymous access and full permission. Every administrator should know that this would open all doors wide open for every hacker.
Therefore, they recommend for a long time already to rely on HTTPS or even WMS.

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