Best ConfGen Version ever released

Normally I am not patting myself on my back. However, the new version of ConfGen has cost me a lot of work and I really hope you will like it as much as I do.
The new version has a brand new section for Dell Wyse Thin Linux.

All parameters up to version 1.0.3 are included now.
As this is the first implementation, I do hope that I haven’t made to many mistakes here. Be nice to me please 🙂

Second new part is ThinOS.
Of course, ThinOS is not new to ConfGen. However, I have included all new parameters for the upcoming 8.4_009 release planned for end of June.
Besides of all the new parameters, I have done some design changes.
There is a new dropdown field available, which is capable of selecting more than one value.

As you can see below, the field it auto-expanding in the moment you move your mouse pointer on it, showing all values with small checkboxes in front and as soon as you leave the box with your mouse pointer, it is shrinking automatically again showing a small green tick in front of the box to make clear, you have selected something.

The other change is the red alert sign in front of all fields that allow encryption. As you know, I am no longer allowed to encrypt any strings in ConfGen, as you all should use AES encryption instead. To make it clearer, I have added the red alert sign showing up as soon as you enter anything in such a field. You can hover over that sign to get a warning or click on it to get help on creating AES encrypted passwords.

Last but not least, I have modified all Comboboxes and Numeric fields to be read only to prevent entering wrong values. Also ConfGen is now saving the path of the last opened file for later use.

Let me know what you think about all these changes.