US1 – Wyse Management Suite 3.7 Release – Friday, May 20th (7:00 PM PDT)


Dell has announced Wyse Management Suite 3.7.

The Wyse Management Suite update will be released as follows:

  • Customers using the on-prem version can download the WMS 3.7 update here on May 23, 2022.
  • The US1 public cloud update will begin on Friday, May 20, 2022, at 7:00 pm PDT.
    • Customers using Wyse Management Suite Pro Cloud with US1 subscriptions should expect downtime of about 8 hours, until 3:00 am PDT, May 21, 2022.
    • During this time, the portal will be unavailable and users will be redirected to a maintenance page. There may also be brief periods when the maintenance page is unreachable. However, this will not affect the thin clients’ ability to connect to their computing environments. 

What’s New in WMS 3.7

This release will provide performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features. Here’s a summary:

  • Ubuntu to ThinOS conversion – Enabled the conversion of Dell commercial generic client device with full Ubuntu to ThinOS
  • ThinOS Customer Activation License – New section for ThinOS license added under License Usage for WMS Cloud and On-Prem version
  • Improved ThinOS Package Deployment GUI – ThinOS applications grouped and listed per vendor in WMS
  • BIOS settings support for OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client (Windows 10 IoT Embedded) – Added WMS support to configure the BIOS settings of Windows 10 IoT Embedded Dell OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client devices
  • Installed certificate list for Dell Hybrid Client devices – Installed certificate list on DHC thin clients can now be seen under System Info tab > Operating System Details
  • Improvements in export/import experience of WMS license, including ThinOS license
  • Improvements for file storage experience on WMS Cloud
  • Added Japanese and Simplified Chinese as Windows OS supported language

As a reminder, Dell will also be migrating the WMS Cloud instance to Azure so please use new IPs addresses

Dell Hybrid Client Application 1.6.2

Dell Hybrid Client application version 1.6.2. Dell Hybrid Client application is a desktop solution by Dell that follows the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model of software delivery. It provides a hybrid operating environment that enables you to access virtual, cloud, or local applications and resources seamlessly. It encompasses cloud and storage aggregation for maintaining security and simplicity.

For the latest Dell Hybrid Client packages, upgrades, and ISOs visit DHC Product Support.

Fixes & Enhancements

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Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool 3.5.0

Dell just release Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool 3.5.0 at Dell Support.

Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool version 3.5.0 provides a simple USB imaging solution to help IT administrators easily perform the pull or push operations in thin clients by using USB drives.
Dell Wyse USB Imaging Tool helps to quickly and easily image or reimage the supported Dell Wyse thin clients. The tool enables you to configure a bootable USB drive that you can plug into a thin client or a mobile thin client to pull or push the operating system images.

Fixes & Enhancements

– Supports Imaging operation (PULL/PUSH) for Dell OptiPlex 3000 thin client.
– Supports Imaging with Secure Boot option.
– Updated Merlin version to 4.1.0.

Wyse Management Suite Moving Cloud Hosting partner from Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure

In Dell’s continuous effort to improve Wyse Management Suite, they are announcing a change in their cloud hosting partner from Amazon Web Services to Microsoft Azure. This change will take effect on May 20, 2022, for the WMS US instance and May 27, 2022, for the WMS EU instance.

What benefits can you expect?

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Dell OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client Now Available At

Security that revolves around you

The industry’s most secure thin client with Dell ThinOS* optimized for Dell cloud client software solutions, now designed by OptiPlex.

Experience unmatched reliability with desktops that revolve around you. Meet the new OptiPlex family with up to 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors and Dell Optimizer*.

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Dell Wyse Management Suite version 3.5.2 is now available for download

Wyse Management Suite Downloads at

Wyse Management Suite Release Notes

Important Information

  • Dell Technologies recommends that you update Dell Wyse Management Suite and the respective agents as mentioned in the Dell Wyse Management Suite 3.5.2 release notes to take the advantage of all the new features.
  • Fixed the Apache Log4j vulnerability issues CVE-2021-45046 , CVE-2021-45105.
  • Use IExplore, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge browser to download the .exe file
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