AD Group INI

Starting with ThinOS version 8.0_411 Dell has integrated a new option for INI file handling.

Now you can assign INI files based on AD group membership.
To do this you have to create a new folder beneath the /wnos/ini folder. It is called “adgroup”.
In this folder you can put INI files which are named like AD groups. Each AD group has to start with a predefined prefix.
In your global wnos.ini file you have to define this prefix first. Beside that you have to use SignOn=NTLM.
The full string could look like this:
SignOn=NTLM AdGroupPrefix=”ThinOS-“
Now create new groups in your AD which all start with “ThinOS-“ or whatever you have defined in your wnos.ini. Put the appropriate users in these groups and create the already mentioned INI files like this:
Group nesting is not supported nor the membership in more than one group. The first matching group will be used.